New Wave Media

February 22, 2013

Kongsberg Mesotech Releases Multi-Frequency Mini Sonar Head

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. announced the release of the 1171-Series 650 meter multi-frequency mini sonar head, equipped with new electronics for improved image quality and suited for use on observation, inspection and light work class remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s). The operating frequencies on the new mini head can be selected by choosing one of four preset frequencies (625 kHz, 675 kHz, 750 kHz and 800 kHz) or by choosing the tunable mode which allows the frequency to be changed in 5 kHz increments. 

A new version of the Company’s MS 1000 sonar processing software has also been released.  Developed to support all Kongsberg Mesotech multi-frequency sonar heads with selectable and tunable frequencies, this latest software automatically sets the time varying gain (TVG) based on the selected frequency and automatically sets the frequency based on the selected range.  These combined features assist the user to generate the data with minimum input.