Posted by March 30, 2017

RJE Lands Military Contract for New Pinger

RJE International said it has been awarded a contract from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in Keyport, Wash. to supply the next generation End-Of-Run Location Mini-Pingers to support military tracking range.
“This is an incredible opportunity that furthers our longstanding relationship as a trusted military supplier, We're creating a unique pinger that is completely custom to their specific needs that also factors the extreme environmental rigors,” said RJE VP of Sales, Bruce O'Bannon.
RJE International, who has a history of supplying mission critical products to the Navy, said the new location pinger will give NUWC the ability to program many aspects of the pinger. This greatly expands NUWC’s capability to meet different mission needs now and in the future.
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