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January 2, 2018

Laser Scanner Delivered for Norwegian MCM

  • (Image: 2G Robotics)
  • ULS-500 PRO (Image: 2G Robotics)
  • (Photo: 2G Robotics)
  • (Image: 2G Robotics) (Image: 2G Robotics)
  • ULS-500 PRO (Image: 2G Robotics) ULS-500 PRO (Image: 2G Robotics)
  • (Photo: 2G Robotics) (Photo: 2G Robotics)

2G Robotics said it has shipped the first of four new dynamic underwater laser scanning systems to Kongsberg Maritime for integration into the Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency’s (NDMA) newly purchased Hugin autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).  

The AUVs will be used for autonomous mine countermeasure (MCM) operations, completing surveys of subsea environments focused specifically on locating and identifying mines. The Hugin systems enable users to conduct fast and efficient operations with zero surface visibility while improving safety conditions by allowing personnel to remain outside the minefield.
In peacetime, the AUVs also contribute to hydrographic operations.
2G Robotics said the ULS-500 PRO dynamic underwater laser scanner system will contribute to the detection, classification and assessment of mines. 2G’s system acquires data in real-time and provides users with 3D models of targets and environments accurate to the sub-centimeter. The complete laser scanning system also includes the 2G Observer, an ultra-sensitive stills camera able to capture images at 12fps, and the 2G Nova, an LED panel designed specifically for AUV integration providing almost 1 million lumens.
Kongsberg Maritime