Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Posted by September 27, 2016

DUC Marine, KOOLE Mammoet Salvage Join Forces

MPSV Solution (Photo: DUC Marine Group)

MPSV Solution (Photo: DUC Marine Group)

DUC Marine Group and KOOLE Mammoet Salvage have reached an agreement for future salvage and wreck removal operations. DUC will be responsible for all diving activities relating to salvage operations and diving equipment maintenance.

Henk Kapitein, CEO of DUC Marine Group, said, “This acquisition is an important step in realizing our ambition to become a medium-sized global operator in the marine industry. KOOLE’s state-of-the-art salvage equipment is active around the globe, which enables us to expand our activities worldwide. Together with our new-built DP-2 MPSV Solution, which was taken into service in June this year, this acquisition will enhance DUC Marine Group’s services, especially in the salvage sector.”

“Diving is not our expertise and it requires highly specialized skills to maintain our diving equipment in optimal condition. We are pleased with the cooperation with DUC.” added Paul Koole, owner of KOOLE Mammoet Salvage.

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