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September 15, 2016

New Real-time SonarWiz Interface for PulSAR Sidescan Sonar

Pulsar sidescan sonar tow fish (Image: Kongsberg)

Pulsar sidescan sonar tow fish (Image: Kongsberg)

Enhanced mapping capability allows for broader use of PulSAR for hydrography and other applications.

A powerful new tool for real-time seafloor mapping is available for those using Kongsberg GeoAcoustics' PulSAR sidescan sonar thanks to a new interface with Chesapeake Technology's SonarWiz mapping software.
The new SonarWiz interface allows PulSAR users to acquire data from multiple sensors, process imagery in real time, generate state of the art mosaics, create detailed contact reports and produce sophisticated outputs leveraging a wide range of formats.
“We wanted to give our users a much broader range of capabilities for data acquisition, analysis, post processing, and reporting and the logical choice was SonarWiz,” explained Bill Hone of Kongsberg GeoAcoustics. “While PulSAR was always designed for use in Search and Rescue operations, it now can be used effectively in a much broader set of mapping applications such as survey, hydrography and engineering.”
The SonarWiz/PulSAR interface is designed to give users more data manipulation and viewing options, and to allow for easier identification of small targets and change detection through improved across track resolution.
“PulSAR is an exciting new product from Kongsberg and I was really impressed with the resolution and the flexibility for users seeking quick deployments and superior survey performance,” said John Gann, Engineering VP at Chesapeake Technology.
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