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November 13, 2017

MTS Tech Breakfast: Maritime Cyber Security

The 2017 Technology Innovation Breakfast series is an opportunity to bridge the gap between how MTS and Federal Government Agencies work and communicate. This member-exclusive event brings together industry thought-leaders and MTS members to facilitate the discovery of innovative and practical solutions to policy challenges surrounding marine technology. 

The future of maritime cyber security is an important topic for government, industry and academia. In the inaugural event for the MTS Maritime Cyber Security & Infrastructure Committee (MTS Cyber), the Technology Innovation Breakfast will explore the future of maritime cyber requirements from the government and industry prospectus.
The committee, which was just recently launched, was formed as cyber security has become a major issue in every industry and increasingly in military, political and financial operations. Cyber threats are rapidly evolving and traditional risk management practices are often overwhelmed by the novel and the unexpected. Maritime organizations represent critical infrastructure, and stakeholders in this arena include but are not limited to port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies and various other entities need access to the latest information, best practices and technologies.
“By forming this committee, MTS Cyber plans to provide an international forum for the development of thought leadership and the exchange of information,” said Max Bobys, VP, Global Strategies, HudsonAnalytix; Vice Chair, MTS Cyber Committee. “Facilitating meaningful collaboration across academia, industry, and government is critical to dealing with the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.   As such, coordination and dissemination of meaningful best practices, relevant standards and overall cyber risk awareness is critical. Going forward, MTS' Cyber Committee will work on developing a range of resources to be used by organizations across the maritime industry in their efforts to promote the knowledge of cyber risk, mitigate ‘cyber immaturity’ and drive cyber resiliency.”
The MTS Cyber Committee’s Technology Innovation Breakfast will be held on November 15, in Pentagon City, Arlington, Va., from 7-9 a.m. and will feature a robust professional development program on the topic of maritime cyber security. Max Bobys will moderate a panel that includes:
  • Major General Michael S. Groen, Joint Staff Director Intelligence, J2 
  • Brian Burns, Deputy Assistant Commandant, C4 & Info Technology, U.S. Coast Guard  
  • John Felker, Director, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security 
  • Dr. Daniel Ragsdale, Director, Cybersecurity Center & Professor of Practice, Computer Science & Engineering, Texas A&M University 
The breakfast is free of charge for members. The December Technology Innovation Breakfast is scheduled for December 6. Registration is open for both events. 
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