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Image: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

ABS Issues Subsea Processing Advisory

of an SPRS include the potential for reducing CAPEX and OPEX associated with topside facilities, increased design flexibility, improved recovery and production rates, extended field life, reduction of flow assurance problems, debottleneck of topside water treatment constraints, reduction of energy consumption for produced water, and minimization of manned operations associated with a topside facility.The building blocks of a subsea processing system comprise the subsea separation/treatment system, subsea boosting system, subsea (re-)injection system, subsea power transmission and distribution system

The MULTHY system is made up of a recorder with 16 acquisition channels, and an acoustic antenna. (Image: RTsys)

New Long-range RTsys Recorder Launched

The new acoustic recording system from the RTsys company synchronizes 16 hydrophones for improved range and recording quality while still controlling cost and energy consumption. The MULTHY system will be available at the beginning of 2019.  The MULTHY recording system can hear up to four times further, thanks to its 16 acquisition channels. MULTHY has a listening surface 16 times larger than an RTsys RESEA recorder, which can only accept up to four hydrophones.MULTHY is a system made up of a recorder coupled to an acoustic antenna (linear, flat or geometric) equipped with 16 omnidirectional

Photo: Chelsea Technologies Group

Reducing Aquaculture Die-offs in Real-time

closed systems. The initial trials, using Chelsea Technologies Group BACTI-Wader Pro, will aim towards a real-time alert system, that gives enough warning time for operators to respond and avoid a potential toxic bacteria outbreak."If successful, the system can also save significant costs on energy consumption. Currently Recirculating Aquaculture Systems use energy-intensive UV treatment of the water and real-time organic matter monitoring systems, such as the CTG BACTI-Wader Pro, will  give more control over the dosages required for UV treatments," reports CTG's Sam Kirby

Kongsberg’s Yara Birkeland unmanned container ship concept. (Image: Kongsberg)

Ocean Autonomy: Norway to the Fore

commercial drone) company, with Go-Pro style usability. This mix of companies gives an idea of where the research is heading, i.e. interconnected networks of systems.As well as also working on improving intelligence in systems, such as power systems, making them more intelligent to optimize energy consumption and battery use, AMOS is also looking at swarms and heterogenous systems, involving in air and subsea drones, as well as unmanned autonomous surface vessels, which would reply on satellite infrastructure for communication and connectivity.Helpfully, the cost of sending up a satellite into space

David Neill of TAM International (left) receives a plaque from George Hendry, business development manager for Forum AMC, recognising the purchase of the 350th RT torque machine. (Photo: TAM)

Forum Delivers 350th RT Torque Machine

over the past 27 years, and our 350th machine provides customers with the latest software to meet the increasing demand on make-up inspection criteria. Among other improvements, our new hydraulic power unit (HPU) is capable of improved cycle efficiencies of up to 68 percent, and reduces energy consumption by up to 31 percent. We look forward to continuing our partnership with TAM in other locations, and to seeing the next 350 machines take on our customers’ challenges.”   After witnessing and signing off on the factory acceptance test for the new unit, David Neill, TAM Internationa

Installed thruster during shipdeck prelaunch check (Photo: Copenhagen Subsea)

Copenhagen Subsea: New Milestone for Thruster Reliability

our 10,000-liter test-tank located on our premises in Copenhagen, we perform a continuous test of our thrusters. 1,000 hours of operating time comprise 42 days during which the thruster operates 24/7 at maximum power. During this period, the thruster is constantly monitored for performance and energy consumption, and any deviance is registered.    When reaching the significant milestone of 1,000 operating hours, the thruster is carefully examined and, showing no signs of exhaustion or corrosion, allowed to continue operation in the test-tank where the thruster must maintain full functionality

Illustration of Åsgard subsea gas compression, see also the animation below. Photo Statoil

Running like a clock on the Seabed

of large subsea modules. By reusing this technology, we have great opportunities for simplification and efficiency improvements, and for reducing carbon footprints of future gas compression systems,” explains Engebretsen. The technology also represents a significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions in a lifecycle perspective on Åsgard, compared to a compression platform. This technology represents a potential for further carbon reductions through use in future subsea solutions

Image: Cubility

Cubility Launches CubeLink

mud to prime the conveyor, bringing significant cost savings. Significant HSE benefits through a drop-belt (pouch) configuration that avoids spillages of harmful waste and odor/gases; the reduction of drilling waste at landfill; reduced personnel exposure to fumes, noise and vibration; and low energy consumption.   CubeLink consists of a recurring belt shaped in a drop-belt configuration. The system opens up in a U-shape in the feeding station to receive drilling waste that is fed by gravity from one or several shakers or MudCubes into the feeding station. The belt is then closed and routed

Image: FMC Technologies

FMC Technologies Bags OTC Award for InLine ElectroCoalescer

technology uses a high-frequency, alternating current with high voltage to polarize, coalesce and enlarge water droplets, which can then be separated much faster in the downstream separation equipment. In older facilities, this results in debottlenecking, reduced demulsifier injection and decreased energy consumption of the heating system. For greenfield applications this means it can greatly reduce the size of the separator and the use of demulsifiers

Artist impression Centre Point of Indonesia Courtesy Boskalis

Boskalis to Build Islands in Indonesia

of a prestigious development by KSO Ciputra to provide high-quality waterfront land for both residential and commercial use.   Boskalis' strategy is aimed at benefitting from key macro-economic factors which drive worldwide demand in our markets: expansion of the global economy, increasing energy consumption, global population growth and the challenges presented by climate change. This land reclamation project is driven by the necessity to create land to accommodate population growth in a densely populated region.  

EGP Joins Ocean Energy Europe Board of Directors

on the ocean energy map,” said Rémi Gruet, CEO Ocean Energy Europe. Enel Green Power is a major global operator in the field of energy generation from renewable sources, with an annual production of 32 Twh, mainly from water, the sun, wind and the Earth’s heat, meeting the energy consumption of over 11 million families and avoiding 17 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. EGP is currently developing wave energy projects and technologies in Italy. It has also been selected, in partnership with DCNS, by the Chilean development organisation CORFO (Corporación de Fomento

VBMS wins  cable-laying joint venture

Boskalis JV Wins Galloper Offshore Wind Farm Contract

offshore wind farm will consist of 56 wind turbines and is located about 27 kilometers off the coast of Suffolk, United Kingdom. Boskalis' strategy is aimed at benefitting from key macro-economic factors which drive worldwide demand in our markets: expansion of the global economy, increase in energy consumption, global population growth and the challenges that go hand in hand with climate change. This project is closely related to the development of generating renewable energy due to climate change and increasing energy consumption

June 2015: Installation work at the Asgard field, with the North Sea Giant vessel.

First Subsea Gas Compression Plant On Line

liquids are separated out, and after pressure boosting recombined and sent through a pipeline some 40 kilometers to Åsgard B. In addition to improving recovery subsea gas compression will be more energy efficient than the traditional topside solution. The technology reduces significantly energy consumption and CO2 emissions over the field’s life. Today almost 50 percent of Statoil’s production is recovered through some 500 subsea wells. Statoil’s subsea expertise is essential to successful production efficiency improvement and increased oil recoveryefforts. “Subsea


Boskalis Posts Highest Profit

." Market developments Boskalis responds to various global macro trends by providing creative and innovative all-round solutions in specific market segments. These trends include growth in the world's population and prosperity, which in turn leads to increasing global trade and energy consumption. In addition there are the irreversible effects of climate change. The extent to which these macro trends will continue to develop in the coming years will be strongly dependent on geopolitical stability and macroeconomic growth in particular. Positive investment decisions in relation to large

Aquaponics-Courtesy Pentair

Pentair Opens Aquaculture Center of Excellence

, will be used for demonstration, research and teaching activities. Built to allow full connectivity to the Internet, customers and educational institutions will be able to monitor online the progress of fish culture trials, including water quality, feeding, feed conversion ratios, growth rates, energy consumption and harvesting activities. "We call this farming reimagined," said Karl Frykman, president of Pentair's Water Quality Systems. "This center showcases our expertise and technologies in water reuse systems and solutions, including our energy efficient pumps and filtration systems

Diagram of the Acoustic Zoom method being used on the seabed.

Acoustic Zoom: The Future of Offshore Exploration

surveying developed by researchers at the University of Bath, offers a resolution and efficiency beyond the reach of existing seismic methods, reducing the need of unnecessary drilling and the associated impact to the marine environment. According to the World Ocean Review, the total global energy consumption has risen by about 70% over the past three decades. In addition, the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris estimates that consumption will grow by a further 50% by 2030. While worldwide energy consumption appears to be on the rise, insipid economic growth combined with increased production

Gliders (Silently) Making O&G Ops Cheaper, More Efficient

motors are internal to the vehicle and are not connected to propellers.  After moving the motors required to change the vehicle pitch and buoyancy, the system takes advantage of free energy motion all the way to the bottom (or top) of the yo.  This propulsion type dramatically reduces the energy consumption of the vehicle, allowing it to stay offshore for extended durations.  The buoyancy engine of a glider provides an ultra-efficient, acoustically quiet way to navigate the water column.  At the ocean surface, the vehicles call in to servers onshore via an iridium modem. During this

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