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SMD Invests £300K in Clean Energy

operations, but also a huge milestone to adopt our sustainable approach for our North East base.“I am delighted to say that our long-term investment has already yielded tangible benefits; our new LED lighting uses 90% less energy than previous fixtures, our solar panels are meeting 70% of our energy consumption needs, and our site-wide recycling points are diverting more of our waste away from landfills, minimizing our carbon footprint.With SMD continually expanding its North East presence, it plans to maintain this sustainable approach across all new premises.SMD chair, Mike Jones, said, “As

Rendering of ULSTEIN SX232 vessel (Credit: Ulstein)

Ulstein Introduces New Subsea Vessel for Offshore Energy Market

fixed installations as well as offshore oil and gas industry.Designed for walk-to-work operations in the offshore energy market, the ULSTEIN SX232 features an optimizes hull based on the ULSTEIN TWIN X-STERN design.The vessel is equipped with smart power and propulsion system developed to minimize energy consumption during DP operations and an integrated energy recovery system utilizing all the waste heat in the machinery systems, including cooling water and exhaust.According to Ulstein, this will enable the ULSTEIN SX232 to reduce emissions and operational costs while enhancing performance, safety, and

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VIDEO: Penguin-Inspired Quadroin AUV Upgraded

EvoLogics' expertise in low-drag bionic design. Dr. Rudolf Bannasch, EvoLogics founder, delved into years of research on penguin locomotion, resulting in the AUV's remarkable hydrodynamic properties. With its low-drag shape, the Quadroin achieves speeds of up to 10 knots, minimizing energy consumption and enabling versatile deployments.Watch the Quadroin AUV in action! [Filmed by Submaris, Philipp Mall and EvoLogics, edited by EUNOIA VISIONS]The initial series of Quadroin prototypes, developed in collaboration with Hereon for the Helmholtz Association's MOSES initiative, focuses on monitoring

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Tapping the Gas Bank in the Barents Sea

self-sufficient in our supply of electricity, many find it difficult to realise the importance of our gas for Brits and Europeans.”The need for gasGas is one of the largest energy sources for generating electricity in Europe, and Norwegian gas covers around one-quarter of Europe’s energy consumption, according to Eurostat. Norwegian gas meets the annual household needs of 800 million people.In April 2023, Gassco and the NPD presented a study which concludes that increasing transport capacity for gas is profitable from a socio-economic perspective (Norwegian only). This would further

Credit: Shanghai Electric

First of a Kind Offshore Renewable Energy Hybrid Project Unveiled in China

in the area with a water depth of around 35 meters. A hexagonal space within the platform's central area can be used for fish farming."Once operated, the mixed energy project has the capacity to generate 96,000 kWh of electricity daily at full capacity, which is equivalent to the daily energy consumption of 42,500 people. The pioneering convergence of wind, photovoltaics and aquaculture presents a new horizon for the industry to develop sustainable and green renewable solutions designed to reduce carbon emissions, while driving economic growth," Shanghai Electric said

Credit: Miros

Wave of Success: Miros Secures 'Numerous' WaveSystem Contracts in First Half of 2023

and robust ocean insights”.  “With the precision, reliability, and robustness of Miros' sea condition measurements, complemented by our convenient as a service subscription model, clients experience remarkable enhancements in their operations. This, in turn, results in reduced energy consumption and improved efficiencies, contributing to the achievement of broader industry objectives. This aspect holds immense significance for stakeholders in both the maritime and energy sectors. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the profound impact of our high-quality solutions and supporting applications

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How Floating Solar Panels Could Power Future Population Hotspots

the most suitable regions cluster within 5–12 degrees of latitude of the Equator, principally in and around the Indonesian archipelago and in the Gulf of Guinea near Nigeria. These regions have low potential for wind generation, high population density, rapid growth (in both population and energy consumption) and substantial intact ecosystems that should not be cleared for solar farms. Tropical storms rarely impact equatorial regions.The offshore floating solar industry is in its infancy. Offshore solar panels do have downsides compared with onshore panels, including salt corrosion and marine fouling

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Miros Unveils WaveFusion Wave Radar for Offshore Wind

to analyze real-time and historical data from one or multiple offshore wind sites.""The data from WaveFusion can be integrated into the Data Explorer dashboards, providing an intuitive and easy-to-use solution. The system helps operations and maintenance teams significantly reduce energy consumption levels and emissions caused by cancelled offshore operations due to uncertainties around weather conditions and site access. This supports organisations in achieving environmental and sustainability targets," Miros says.Jonas Røstad, Chief Commercial Officer at Miros: “One

A Fetch AZA BPR being deployed in the North East Atlantic. (Photo credit – Ben Moat: Senior Scientist, NOC)

Sonardyne Helps Study Ocean Currents for Climate Insights

the opposing force of the Coriolis effect from the rotating Earth causes a circular flow in a general south to north movement.The AMOC transports roughly 1.25 Peta (10^15) Watts of energy from the Tropics towards the subpolar and Arctic regions – more than 60 times the present rate of world energy consumption. Despite being so influential in our climate, it has only been continuously measured for 19 years, limiting our long-term understanding of its relation to climate.The BPRs will remain on the seabed for up to 10 years and the data they gather can be transmitted wirelessly through the water to

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