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(Photo: Forum Subsea Technologies)

Forum Unveils New eROV

Forum’s Integrated Control Engine (ICE) to bring greater functionality commonly only found in larger work-class vehicles.According to the manufacturer, the advanced control electronics pod fitted to all Forum XLe observation class vehicles enables superior connectivity and expansion capabilities. Ethernet interfacing allows for seamless integration with other industry sensors using common IP architecture and ease of remote data transfer.Kevin Taylor, Forum VP of Subsea, said, “As the subsea market continues to recover from a sustained downturn, cost efficiency is high on the agenda for the

Raychem Cat 5e cable (Image: TE)

New Ethernet Cable from TE

TE Connectivity (TE) introduced its Raychem Cat 5e cable that offers high-performance Ethernet connectivity at speeds up to 1-Gb/s in harsh military, marine and aerospace environments.The Cat 5e cable makes use of high temperature fluoropolymers that are designed to perform under extreme temperature fluctuations from -65°C to +200°C. Designed in accordance with ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, the cable is both lightweight and easy to terminate, the manufacturer said. TE’s waterblock variation uses super absorbent tapes and yarns that further help reduce weight, increase flexibility and lower installatio

Figure 1: The Sea Otter Surf Zone Crawler

Seafloor Crawlers: New Robotic Tools for Challenging Missions

high (expandable in length and width)Speed: forward or reverse, variable up to 1-m/sNavigation: 3-axis IMU, FOG, dual encoders, dual-sided, dual-frequency GPSControl: user selects fully autonomous (pre-programmed), tether, or radio controlBattery: rechargeable Li-ionPorts: charging port, programming Ethernet port, two guest Ethernet portsThe Sea Otter design is modular. The starboard and port side pontoons are core pieces, but the length, width and ground clearances can be changed by lengthening the idler sprocket brackets or changing out the connecting bridge. The current design includes two Ethernet

MTR does not present an “MTR100 Creative Photo” award, but if we did this year’s winner is Houston Mechatronics. Pictured is Houston Mechatronic’s Aquanaut in wet testing earlier this year holding it’s MTR100 ‘trophy’. (Photo: Houston Mechatronics)

MTR100: The Ones to Watch

, building and qualifying a new autonomous ROV called ATOLL. It is designed to use machine vision technology to dock on subsea infrastructure. Because vision-based technology is critical to the autonomous docking of ATOLL, Forssea has developed a range of vision-based products, ranging from low-cost Ethernet cameras, adapted to augmented reality applications, to an enhanced vision product called ‘Polar X’, which improves the visibility factor and target identification in turbid underwater conditions by a factor of three.Forssea’s most recent development is V-LOC, which uses QR code

Figure 1: The first iteration of the Tentacle is designed for Kraken’s KATFISH. (Image: Kraken)

Meet Kraken’s Tentacle Autonomous LARS

to predict timing of wave peaks and troughs and optimize the variable torque on the motor to minimize input disturbances through the tow cable.The operator can achieve manual control of the Tentacle Winch either through manual switch inputs similar to those in traditional systems, or remotely via secure Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces. A semi-autonomous mode allows for dynamic surge (front/back motion) and heave (up/down motion) compensation to minimize input disturbances on the tow cable even in high seas. A fully autonomous mode allows the KATFISH tow body to command the winch. As water depth increases

(Image: ABB)

Powering the Seafloor: Put a Socket in It

completions inside the wells, which would then mean more intelligent completions – which again means more information about and greater control of the wells is available. Indeed, BHGE is working on a battery powered DHSV, which is expected to be ready in 2020.Combining electrification with ethernet and fiber optic communications then enables that data to be readily available, real-time, so that data analytics can be applied for production optimization, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.The shape of the communications and computing architecture – i.e. centralized or decentralized

SaabSeaeye Leopard (Photo: SaabSeaeye)

ROV Roundup: Recent Tech Innovations

product range. This provides a wide range of auto-pilot and pilot assist modes when appropriate sensors are fitted.The control electronics pod fitted to all Forum XLe electric vehicles is designed to enable superior connectivity and expansion capabilities when compared with other ROVs on the market. Ethernet interfacing allows for seamless integration with other industry sensors using common IP architecture and ease of remote data transfer.Blue Robotics: Retrofit KitBlue Robotics released a retrofit kit which provides the components needed to upgrade to the BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration. The upgrade

The EMO DOMINO-7 fibre optic multiplexer (MUX) installed on an ROV.  (Photo: MacArtney)

MacArtney: Custom EMO Multiplexer

survey and camera interfaces of the ROV.   The DOMINO-7 MUX is a compact fibre optic system with a wide range of MUX channel and power supply configurations. Offering 3 videos with 10 bit data channels, the DOMINO design also offers 2 x industry standard multibeam ports, consisting of gigabit Ethernet (GBE) communications, coupled with 48 VDC supply voltage, all provided within the same connection.    During the past couple of decades, MacArtney has built up a strong and versatile track record of supplying in-house developed and manufactured EMO and NEXUS multiplexers and complete

Photo: Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors Launches MiniMax Series with AWG24

, continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation in rugged miniaturization, high-speed data transmission, and sealing. Several new extensions to the ultra-dense Fischer MiniMax Series, increasing its usability in many applications, are available as of April 2018:High-speed AWG24 Ethernet data transferEnhanced IP68 sealing down to 20m/24hHexagonal body styleAnthracite coating with <5mΩ panel grounding The result of these innovations is exceptional performance in a very small connector, addressing the growing need for higher data transmission in such markets as medical

Photo: Forum Technologies

Forum Energy Technologies Launches Electric ROV Range

range. This provides a wide range of auto-pilot and pilot assist modes when appropriate sensors are fitted.   The advanced control electronics pod fitted to all Forum XLe electric vehicles enables superior connectivity and expansion capabilities when compared with other ROVs on the market. Ethernet interfacing allows for seamless integration with other industry sensors using common IP architecture and ease of remote data transfer.   Kevin Taylor, Forum’s VP subsea vehicles, commented, “We recognized the time was right to introduce a new range of electric ROVs as confidence

Sonardyne 6G Wideband Acoustics allows simultaneous operations by  multiple platforms. (Courtesy Sonardyne International)

Digital Ocean: Making Subsea Data More Easily Accessible

enhancing users’ knowledge of the subsea environment.   In addition, where surface analysis of the telemetered data requires a more thorough review of sensor parameters, SMART enables acoustic recovery of raw data from specified time ranges. Alternately, the system can be coupled via an Ethernet connection to BlueComm (Sonardyne’s high-bandwidth through-water optical communication link), enabling larger quantities of data to be retrieved from an ROV or AUV. All logged data can be downloaded from safe storage when the unit is recovered.   The essence of SMART is flexibility

Photo: SBG Systems

SBG Systems Launches Navsight Marine Solution at OI2018

, robustness, and versatility to marine professionals.   Extreme Simplicity, Easy-Peasy Installation Whether the IMU comes with a surface or a subsea enclosure, they are all lightweight and easy to install. Navsight connects to any computer, with no software installation. Once connected through Ethernet, the web interface guides the user to configure the solution. A 3D view of the boat shows the entered parameters so that the user can check in real time the installation. Navsight allows quick installation and initialization thanks to new mechanical calibration module. The embedded filtering controls

Gemini 720im (Photo: Tritech)

Tritech Unveils New Multibeam Imaging Sonar

(typical operation): 3 to 20Hz (range dependent) Range resolution: 8mm Mode of operation: CW or CHIRP Speed of Sound: Adaptive beamforming based on user specified speed of sound   Interface Supply voltage: 12 to 48V DC Power requirement: 4.5W – 17W (7.5W average) Main port protocol: Ethernet (100Base-T) and/or Serial (RS232 or RS485) Auxiliary port protocol: Serial (RS232 or RS485) Connector type: Main - Seacon HUML-12, Impulse MKS(3) & Tritech Micron; Aux - Tritech Micron   Physical specification Depth rating: 300m Weight in air: 0.435kg Weight in water: 0.244kg Temperature

An image shot from a ROV shows a spare parts box from USS Indianapolis on the floor of the Pacific Ocean in more than 16,000 feet of water. (Photo courtesy of Paul G. Allen)

The Quest to Find and Explore USS Indianapolis

and 780 kg vertical thrust capacity;  4500 VAC, 17mm diameter umbilical;  5 kW LED lighting system;  Broadcast quality HDTV video cameras;  Scanning and multi-beam sonar systems;  Fiber optic MUX featuring multiple high bandwidth data channels: Gigabit Ethernet; Serial Data;  Dual Titan 4 manipulators: Isolated hydraulic supply; and 18 kW tooling hydraulic system: Operator adjustable flow and pressure   Mr. Barrett explained that the Petrel ROV serves primarily as a camera and survey sensor platform that must maintain a no-touch

Moog Focal Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) Optical Transceiver (Image: Moog Focal)

Moog Focal Introduces a New Optical Transceiver

compatibility with many typical oils used in the marine industry and continues to validate additional fluids as new applications emerge.   In addition to pressure tolerant slip rings and fiber joints for use subsea, Moog Focal supplies pressure tolerant solutions for composite video, HD video, Ethernet and serial channels, with thousands of products deployed subsea primarily in ROV systems.    Given the higher capacity of next generation multiplexer designs and the potential for integration cost savings associated with pressure tolerant technology, overall system costs for multiplexers

ROV deployment from the RV Petrel (Photo: 3U)

The ROV that Explored USS Indianapolis

and station keeping Powerful all-electric propulsion 4500 VAC, 17mm diameter umbilical 5 kW LED lighting system Broadcast quality HDTV video cameras High megapixel stills cameras Scanning and multi-beam sonar systems Multiple high bandwidth data channels: Gigabit Ethernet; Serial Data Dual Titan 4 manipulators: Isolated hydraulic supply 18 kW tooling hydraulic system: Operator adjustable flow and pressure   “3U Technologies provided unparalleled engineering services and was instrumental in the development and acquisition of arguably one of

(Image: EIVA)

EIVA Cable Telemetry Kit Available as an OEM Product

development normally poses. Furthermore, it becomes unnecessary to invest in expensive cables.   The ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit comes in a standard version for equipment with a coax subsea cable. The standard kit includes: Topside (2U rack unit) with 300 W power supply, and Modem for Ethernet over power cable (4-5 Mbit/s via a single wire 4,000 m coax, with higher bandwidths – up to 7 Mbit/s – possible via shorter cables) 600 m-rated pressure bottle with subsea electronics with nine Teledyne Impulse interface connectors, with a mixture of Ethernet and serial ports; Modem

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