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Image Courtesy Trimble

Tappan Zee Constructors ‘See’ Below the Hudson

bicycle/pedestrian) and emergency shoulders and with safely demolishing the old bridge. Tappan Zee Constructors reached out to the Measutronics Corporation and the Trimble Marine Construction team to improve productivity across the removal of the old bridge.  Solution: Trimble Marine Construction Software (TMC), Trimble precision GNSS receivers, Teledyne SeaBat T20 high resolution multibeam echosounder for marine imaging for subsurface applicationsAccomplishments● World's first application of real-time machine guidance for on-water cranes/excavators/jack hammers, with sonar verification: The

Export Licensing: Tips U.S. Exporters Shouldn’t Overlook

inquiries from businesses looking to export, many of which involve licensing questions. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), together with other USG agencies, is responsible for export licensing and controls. BIS export licenses may be required for items (commodities, software, or technology) with proliferation, military, or terrorist uses, or which warrant control for other reasons. Export licensing requirements can apply to a wide array of products, including marine technologies. A license may also be required because of the end use or end user. Items not licensed

Images: Modus Seabed Intervention

Flying new Routes Subsea

while doing GVI survey.“Saab have designed a robust subsea vehicle and we have developed it further so that it can be operated as a class leading survey and inspection vehicle,” says Ward. “We have focused on how the sensors are integrated, how they talk to each other, mission software and we are now moving into artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. We can already say ‘go here, if you see a pipeline, follow it, or if you see a monopile, perform an inspection around its circumference’. This has all been demonstrated in trials.  The next set

Image: Ocean Infinity

Ocean Infinity Names Paul Helmore as CCO

his career at Schlumberger Helmore held senior positions in Data Consulting Services leading a consulting led organisation providing world class advice and support in complex oilfield related projects.He also managed global business in the Schlumberger Information Solutions group, providing world class software product, data management and consulting services to the Oil and Gas sector. Paul began his career in the Royal Navy, in which he served for eight years.  He is Harvard 2016 Alumni having studied Leadership and Behavioral Economics.Helmore will oversee all aspects of the group’s commercial

Photo: McLane Research Laboratories

McLane IFCB Helps in Rust Tide Study

fluorescence and light scattering from individual particles are measured and used to trigger targeted image acquisition; the optical and image data are then transmitted to shore in real time. Collected images during continuous monitoring can be processed externally with automated image classification software. Images can be classified to the genus or even species level with demonstrated accuracy comparable to that of human experts

(Image: Klein Marine Systems)

Klein Debuts MA-X Imaging Technology

space. In addition, the MA-X imagery has the same interpretative characteristics as side scan images (grazing angle, shadows) and therefore, no operator re-training is needed.MA-X-based products will continue to output Klein's SDF data format and will be compatible with major third-party imaging software applications, including automatic target recognition software. The MA-X technology will be introduced in a variety of Klein products, including both towed systems and payloads for autonomous platforms

(Photo: Forum Subsea Technologies)

Forum Unveils eROV Simulator Training

range last year, and Forum announced on Wednesday that it has now added the eROV to its choice of vehicles within the simulator. The new lightweight and ergonomically designed eROV Hand Controller console can also be interfaced to VMAX to allow pilots to be trained in the use of the new console.The VMAX software is a 3D ROV simulation system which is predominantly used for the training and evaluation of ROV pilots. It can also be utilized by subsea engineering teams for modeling and verification of procedures involving intervention tasks for subsea equipment.The system provides a variety of ROV scenarios

GeoPulse USV (Photo: Kongsberg Maritime)

Kongsberg Introduces GeoPulse USV

(Chirp), continuous wave (Pinger) and Ricker (Mexican hat) pulse forms, the GeoPulse Compact offers the best amalgam of penetration and resolution, with clearly-defined return of sediment layers. The system has a user-friendly operating method, controlled from a laptop using the supplied GP1000 software which is interfaced to the deck unit via an ethernet radio modem

(Image: EIVA)

EIVA Launches ROV Steering Software

NaviSuite Mobula is a new software product from EIVA offering advanced steering capabilities to remotely operated vehicle (ROV) owners.The market for the micro- and mini-ROV is under drastic change, with more suppliers entering the market, and prices for the ROVs dropping significantly. The performance of the entry-level ROVs makes them useful for professional use – provided you have the right software capabilities.This is now possible through a NaviSuite product dedicated to ROV steering, NaviSuite Mobula. It includes high-end features from NaviSuite Nardoa, EIVA’s package for high-end

914-DX Expansion Card (Image: Moog Focal)

Moog Focal Releases New Expansion Card

Moog Focal has launched its latest 914-X series expansion card: the 914-DX.This expansion for the 914-X series system features six isolated and software configurable serial channels for RS-232, RS-485, RS422, or TTL. Up to four of these cards may be stacked with any 914-HDE motherboard giving each system up to 24 extra isolated serial channels. The 914-DX offers a significant reduction in size for isolated serial channels, and features a software configurable TTL option for the first time from a Focal multiplexer.The suite of 914-X series cards offers multiple data formats including HD Video, Ethernet

Photo: Schmidt Ocean Institute

A SmallSat AUV Network

ocean salinity fronts using multiple areal and underwater robots. He’s also been known to lecture NATO navies on combined AUV operations.De Sousa is a pioneer of and continues to work on the managing of multiple autonomous vehicles simultaneously. He has helped develop commercial and researcher software which incorporates mobile devices for easy control of networked AUVs. While applications might one day include mass ocean surveillance, mass inspection, mass survey or massive attack, the oceanic study involved AUVs (and aerial drones) in contact with each other via a ship-based ocean controller

Martin McDonald, Senior Vice President, ROV Division, Oceaneering International.
Courtesy of Oceaneering International

One-on-One with Martin McDonald, SVP, ROV Division, Oceaneering

also adding units, so, net-net, we are at 275 (work class) ROVs today.When you’re adding units, is there a specific technology that is most important?Yes, when we’re adding units, we’re upgrading them with the latest technologies, such as the latest control systems, navigation sensors, software, pumping packages, and intervention equipment.Looking at work class, inspection class, and observation class vehicles, are there any product gaps that still need to be filled?We’ve identified some gaps in the market. As we move forward, autonomy, remote operations, speed, and reliability are

Wello Penguin WEC at EMEC Billia Croo wave test site (Credit Colin Keldie, courtesy of CEFOW)

Penguin Wave Energy Converter Sinks

.The prototype was launched in 2010 and had been deployed four times altogether. During the testing period the device fulfilled expectations and accomplished what the prototype was built for, having survived waves of over 18 meters, proving technology, mooring construction, cable connection, control software and power take off construction.The CEFOW project, coordinated by Fortum will continue with the deployment of two commercially ready devices. The first of these, the new Penguin WEC 2 will be installed to the EMEC test site this spring

Image Courtesy Teledyne Caris

African Project Win for Teledyne CARIS

Teledyne CARIS will deliver a full software solution to the South African Navy Hydrographic Office. The solution, provided through Teledyne CARIS’ official distributor Unique Group, includes software that will be implemented as part of a larger project to be executed by Southern African Shipyards (SAS) where a new hydrographic survey vessel is being built. Three additional survey motor boats are also slated for manufacture, all of which will be equipped with HIPS and SIPS to process acquired hydrographic data. During the project, the shore based South African Navy Hydrographic Office

Chris Gibson, VP of Sales & Marketing at VideoRay.

One-on-One: Chris Gibson, VideoRay

crowded field, what is the VideoRay value proposition?While the recreational market is more crowded, the higher end industrial market for compact inspection-class ROVs is thinning out a bit. We design and manufacturer portable underwater technology that easily integrates with third party sensors, software and tooling. We realize there is not one solution that solves everyone’s problems, so we spend quite a bit of energy understanding what our customers are trying to do before we make recommendations – understanding that sometimes we may recommend something other than a VideoRay solution

(Image: SBG Systems)

SBG Systems Unveils New IMU

shows the entered parameters so that the user can check the installation. The Navsight unit also integrates led indicators for satellite availability, RTK corrections, and power. It comes with a rugged enclosure, or in a rack version for larger vessels.Completing the Navsight offer, SBG post-processing software Qinertia gives access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in 164 countries. Trajectory and orientation are then improved by processing inertial data and raw GNSS observables in forward and backward directions. Computation takes less than three minutes for a six-hour

Nortek staff in China mobilizing the Signature VM package under the attentive eye of end user Wang Yan, Senior Manager of Hydrology at CCCC’s Zhongjiao No.1 Hangwu Engineering Reconnaissance Design Institute. As Signature VM is a straightforward plug-and-play system for current surveying, the crew were able to sail out for a test survey after only approximately 30 minutes of setup. Image: Nortek

Current Profiling & China’s Maritime Infrastructure Drive

offshore platforms, ports, bridges and other structures in or near the sea, as well as establishing navigation parameters at specific locations at sea.The integrated package is designed to ensure high data quality and that both errors and initial installation time are reduced. The ADCPs and the linked software provide accurate profiles in conjunction with an Advanced Navigation GNSS compass mounted on the vessel, which provides navigation and heading data based on GPS.    The Signature VM’s ADCP as it is mounted for current surveying in Qingdao harbor.  Image: Nortek“Without

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