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Schmidt Offers Online Educational Content for Students

first time countless species and novel fauna have been viewed in this deep sea region. The only year-round seagoing philanthropic research vessel in the world, the 82-meter ship is owned and operated by the Schmidt Ocean Institute, a philanthropic non-profit organization established by Eric and Wendy Schmidt in 2009 to advance oceanographic research.Schmidt Ocean Institute has already hosted several live interactions with the research team aboard Falkor highlighting how the ROV pilots operate their 4,500 meter underwater robot and how they obtain their underwater images that are used for science

SOI Executive Director Dr. Jyotika Virmani (Photo: XPRIZE)

Schmidt Appoints Virmani as Executive Director

in biodiversity assessment technologies. She was also executive director of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, which incentivized the development of deep-sea technology to map the ocean floor quickly and accurately at a high resolution. She joined XPRIZE in 2014 as the technical director of the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE, a competition that advanced the development of pH sensors to measure ocean acidification.The Schmidt Ocean Institute was established in 2009 by Eric and Wendy Schmidt to advance oceanographic research through the development of innovative technologies, open sharing of information

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SOI Maps One Million Square Kilometers of Seafloor

whose function and contribution to ocean and human health is still unknown. High resolution maps guide scientists to these unexplored areas where further study and sampling can take place. “A high-resolution map of our seafloor will be an invaluable tool in protecting our oceans,” says Wendy Schmidt, co-founder of Schmidt Ocean Institute. 

Credit: Schmidt Ocean Institute

MTR100: #1 Wendy Schmidt

The editors of Marine Technology Reporter are pleased to share that Wendy Schmidt, Schmidt Ocean Institute & Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, has taken the top spot in the 14th Annual "MTR100". The full print and electronic edition of Marine Technology Reporter will be available shortly. Until then, presented here is the full story on Wendy Schmidt and the Schmidt Ocean Institute.According to Wendy Schmidt, we live in a pivotal time that requires us to reexamine humanity’s relationship with the ocean. In a fast-paced and changing world, Mrs. Schmidt has emerged as an unlikely

Superheated hydrothermal fluid flows upwards from an underwater volcano 2000m below the Gulf of California, Mexico (Photo: Schmidt Ocean Institute)

Scientists Find New Hydrothermal Field

the strength of carbon dioxide, and this study will advance the knowledge of the biological storage for methane in water column and sediment systems.“It is a different world down there. Each dive feels like floating into a science fiction film,” said Schmidt Ocean Institute Cofounder Wendy Schmidt. “The complex layers of data we’ve collected aboard Falkor during this expedition will help tell the story of this remote place and bring it to public attention. Witnessing these remarkable oceanscapes, we are reminded that although they are out of our everyday sight, they are hardly

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Rising Tide of Innovation at Davos to Keep Plastic out of the Sea

a 2014 study.   More than 8 million tonnes of plastics enter the ocean each year while the three major international ocean clean-ups combined deal with less than 0.5 percent of that volume, said the UK-based foundation set up by MacArthur.   The award is also supported by philanthropist Wendy Schmidt, wife of former Google executive Eric Schmidt, who together sponsor a number of global initiatives to advance ocean exploration and clean-ups.   "The technical innovations developed by our winners are exactly what is needed to begin to address the wasteful material culture of the

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Young American Sailors Call for Action on Marine Pollution

;It's a passion of ours - and we have the ability to see the problem first hand so we feel like we're credible witnesses," said Rhode Islander Enright.   The pair has already signed up sustainability partner 11th Hour Racing, an environmental programme co-founded by the philanthropist Wendy Schmidt and her husband, Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, via the Schmidt Family Foundation.   "Our collaboration with 11th Hour Racing is unique to our campaign and it's something we pride ourselves on," he added.   "We're actually working on a sustainability report

(Photo: Schmidt Ocean Institute)

MTR100: Schmidt Ocean Institute

cruise with seven underwater vehicles deployed simultaneously.     555 Bryant Street, #374, Palo Alto, CA 94301 Phone: (650) 681-8460 Fax: (415) 975-4081 Email: cwiener@schmidtocean.org http://schmidtocean.org CEO/President: Eric Schmidt Number of Employees: 76 Vice President: Wendy Schmidt (As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)  

SuBastian on a test dive at Santa Rosa Reef, Guam (Photo Schmidt Ocean Institute)

Schmidt Tests its New ROV in Guam

on making tweaks and improvements so that SuBastian is ready for its first research cruise later this year, visiting the Mariana Back-Arc in Guam. The 4K high-resolution video footage collected with SuBastian will be openly shared with scientists and interested public around the world.   Wendy Schmidt, co-founder of Schmidt Ocean Institute has watched SuBastian go from concept to a full-functioning vehicle, “I am very proud of what our team has been able to accomplish in the past year. With ROV SuBastian, we will help make life on the ocean floor real to people who will never visit the

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