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April 24, 2014

Farsounder to Upgrade Navigation Sonar Software

Image credit FarSounder

Image credit FarSounder

This fall, FarSounder says it will be launching a major software upgrade for its FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000 forward-looking navigation sonars. The upgrade will vastly increase the intuitive nature of the information and greatly enhance the user understanding of the obstacles and sea bed ahead of their ship.

The full release will be announced at SMM Hamburg and the Monaco Yacht Show. Once again FarSounder will be pushing the capabilities of 3D FLS beyond anything known today.

At FarSounder’s recent customer demonstrations and technical training class, participants were introduced to a few of the upcoming new capabilities. A sampling of these features included:

    •    Ping-to-Ping Sea Floor Stabilization
    •    Improved Sea Floor Imaging
    •    Sea Floor Chart Overlay

FarSounder’s guests saw a demonstration of the most advanced Forward Looking Sonar capabilities in the marine industry. "I was very impressed with the new software and the images I witnessed leaving the dock and transiting along the shoreline down to the Coast Guard Station." remarked Captain Tony Hodgson during one of the on-water trips. " I saw the detail and the sensitivity I was hoping to see and was pleased with the user interface simplicity."

FarSounder feature a series of short videos showing shallow shoals and rocky outcroppings around Newport, Rhode Island. These videos offer viewers the chance to see some of what the participants saw including “The Dumplings” off the coast of Jamestown; a steep sloping sea floor with deep water on one side of the vessel and the shallow coast on the other; and the inner harbor approach to Newport Shipyard where the system even imaged a series of floating docks that are not marked on the chart.

These videos are at:


Rhode Island