Posted by September 30, 2016

Fastwave’s Voyager to Be Used in the Ocean Cleanup Project

Voyager Drifter Buoy (Image: Fastwave)

Voyager Drifter Buoy (Image: Fastwave)

The Ocean Cleanup Project is developing technology to extract plastic and other debris floating in the world’s oceans. The technology relies on ocean currents to transport the plastic towards collection arrays that concentrate the material, so that it can be extracted and re-cycled.  The project is focused on the “great garbage patch” in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,500 nautical miles from the U.S. West Coast.

Validation of the ocean plastic transport models is a requirement for the next phase of the project, commencing in October. This will be achieved by deployment of drifter buoys from a long range Lockheed C130 Hercules aircraft. Fastwave’s Voyager drifter buoy will be used for this purpose, due to its ability to accurately track the surface layer of the ocean, where the debris is concentrated. The Voyager’s ability to survive the demanding air drop requirements and extended operational endurance also make it ideal for this project. To support the Ocean Cleanup, Fastwave has donated a Voyager buoy for this phase of the project.

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