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January 10, 2017

OINA 2017 to Feature New ‘BlueTech’

OINA 2017 - Blue Robotics will showcase its high performance, affordable underwater drone, the BlueROV2 at OINA 2017

OINA 2017 - Blue Robotics will showcase its high performance, affordable underwater drone, the BlueROV2 at OINA 2017

With the inaugural Oceanology International North America (OINA 2017) conference and exhibition fast approaching, exhibitors are preparing to unveil a host of new technology developments to the ocean science community. Taking place February 14-16 at the San Diego Convention Center in association with The Maritime Alliance, exhibition space at OINA 2017 is already over 90 percent booked.

Teledyne Marine (booth #D20) will be out in force at OINA 2017 in San Diego CA. In addition to its full line of instruments, imaging, vehicles and interconnect products, the company will promote the newest product developments from across its brand portfolio including; the Teledyne Oceanscience rapidCAST underway profiling system, four new multibeam sonar systems from Teledyne Reson, a new line of acoustic releases by Teledyne Benthos and new underwater cameras from Teledyne Bowtech, new ADCP and DVL technology from RD Instruments and the latest technologies from Teledyne Gravia and Teledyne Impulse-PDM.

Within AUVs and ROVs, California start-up Blue Robotics (booth #E37), will showcase its new high performance and affordable underwater drone, the BlueROV2. Leveraging a vectored thruster configuration that is usually only seen in high-end vehicles, the BlueROV2 is smooth and stable yet highly manoeuvrable. It provides a solid platform to attach scientific equipment, film cinematographic quality shots, and explore the oceans down to a depth of 100 meters. Other stand-out ROVs at OINA include Deep Trekker’s (booth # E31) DTG2 and DTX2 systems, which are used for submerged infrastructure inspections, environmental surveys, hull inspections, monitoring commercial divers, and many other applications. The systems' patented pitching system and on board batteries make them the ideal tool for remote investigations and immediate deployments.

Kongsberg Maritime will also bring its line of underwater vehicles to OINA 2017 with Hugin and Munin AUVs in focus (booth # C35), in addition to subsidiary Hydroid’s famous Remus AUV (booth # C31). Advanced Subsea Monitoring systems for scientific, environmental and industrial applications will be on show alongside the Norwegian headquartered marine and subsea technology developers extensive range of single and multibeam underwater mapping systems, including the advanced new GeoSwath 4 system.

OINA 2017 will be the most diverse conference and exhibition for the marine science and ocean technology community in North America. Other exhibition highlights include:

D-2 Marine (booth #E36) is introducinga new line of High Performance ‘Hybrid’ Conductivity, Temperature & Depth, (CTD) sensors designed to improve oceanographic data collection on a variety of deployment platforms, especially UUV/AUV and Global Ocean Observation Systemsat OINA 2017.

Datawell (booth # B59) will show the well-known Waverider system. A spherical buoy made of stainless steel or Cunifer, Waverider measures wave height, wave direction, wave period, sea surface current speed/direction and sea surface temperature. With new instruments usually compared to the Waverider, Datawell’s innovative system is considered to be the golden standard in the oceanographic community. The company will also have the DWR4 with Acoustic Current Meter at OINA 2017.

EdgeTech’s booth (#E57) will feature a diverse range of sonar systems include side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetry systems and combined and modular systems. The company will be discussing recent advancements in its product offerings including tri-frequency side scan, PIES enabled acoustic release deck boxes and the newly released 2300 Combined Side Scan Sonar & Sub-bottom Profiling system.

Noliac (booth #E33) will present the full catalogue of its piezo products at OINA, highlighting the wide range of dimensions and custom designed shapes of piezo components. Also on show will be a selection of ultrasonic transducers, demonstrating the company’s capabilities to develop custom designed solutions matching specific customer requirements.

Star-Oddi (booth #B52) will use OINA 2017 to introduce the robust logger, Starmon TD, which measures temperature and depth. Starmon TD is designed with a fast response temperature probe making it ideal for profile measurements and fishing gear studies. The system features a housing designed for easily mounting to gear or moorings and a user replaceable long life battery. The company will also display its core portfolio of products with main focus on oceanographers, fishing gear technologists and fish biologists.

Valeport (booth #E20), a manufacturer of high quality instrumentation to serve the oceanographic and hydrographic communities worldwide will focus on several recently released products including; fastCTD, which allows quick and accurate CTD profiles (with Fluorometer option), rapidCTD, which is developed primarily to interface with the Teledyne Oceanscience RapidCAST winch system, SWiFT SVP, the latest generation SVP with geo located data and optional iOS App control, and the new range of Hyperion Fluorometers.

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