Posted by May 30, 2017

New 300L Fluid Bath from Guildline

 Guildline Instruments Ltd. announced it is accepting orders for its new 300L Fluid Bath through global resellers Ocean Scientific international Ltd (OSIL).

The new 5600 Series larger design was implemented in response to customer requests for a larger fluid bath. The 5600 Series has 50, 75 or 100L configurations currently available. 
The bath uses an EMI shielded fiberglass tank allowing for multiple fluids including salt water, mineral oil and freshwater. This 5600 model comes as two separate units: the 300 liter tank; and a separate mechanical housing that contains the pump, compressor, heat exchanger and control electronics. The two units are connected by insulated flexible hosing, and this unique modular design feature, together with a longer tank rather than wider, allows the large bath to pass through a standard width doorway and gives complete flexibility in how customers position the bath in their lab, while still allowing sufficient space in the bath to accommodate a long CTD, or an instrument test rack. Both modules can be moved separately or as a single unit. 
The design of the bath ensures a consistent fluid flow and uniform temperature by employing a unique bottom plate design, which also means that the entire tank capacity is useable whereas other bath designs utilize a mechanical stirrer, or heat exchange coils, that protrude into the tank portion of the bath thus reducing the usable space. 
OSIL are global resellers for the Guildline Salinometers, and are well placed with regards to calibration, operating the IAPSO Standard Seawater Service from their facilities in the U.K., complete with in-house service and calibration department. OSIL produce unique integrated systems for environmental monitoring in all marine applications. 
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