February 26, 2014

STR Adds Gemini NBI Sonars to Rental Pool

Tritech’s Gemini NBI

Tritech’s Gemini NBI

Tritech announced the sale of four Gemini NBI systems to Subsea Technology and Rentals (STR), Great Yarmouth, a recently rebranded provider of high-technology subsea equipment.

STR already offers a comprehensive suite of Tritech industry-standard sensors and sonars for rental including sonars, profilers and bathymetric systems. This latest purchase will enhance their pool of subsea equipment, to support excavating and dredging companies’ requests for high-specification multibeam sonars.

The Gemini NBI offers a narrow vertical beam at 130° swath for applications where precision in target detection and monitoring of a position is required. The Gemini NBI offers the same high refresh rate currently offered by the Gemini range of sonars.

Neil Jackson, Sales and Operations Manager at Subsea Technology and Rentals (STR) said, “This purchase not only allows us to continue providing the latest technology to our customers, but it also complements our existing rental business, which is ever increasing.”

Scott McLay, Sales Director, Tritech commented, “The purchase of these Gemini NBI units by STR highlights Tritech’s ability to provide products which provide operators, working in the most challenging environments, with a solution where reliability and performance are paramount. STR’s continued investment in Tritech products not only fulfils a market requirement, but also reinforces their commitment to supplying high-quality subsea equipment.”


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