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September 6, 2018

Rutter Releases Sigma S6 V9.2.0

Photo: Rutter Inc.

Photo: Rutter Inc.

Rutter Inc. has released the latest update to the Rutter sigma S6 product line, version 9.2.0. 

This new version is being released for general availability this week. It is also available as an upgrade on existing systems for qualifying customers.

Rutter’s proprietary radar data processing system interprets data from both conventional marine navigational and coastal surveillance radars, providing enhanced radar imagery and state of the art detection, tracking, and measurement capabilities. The sigma S6 suite includes the sigma S6 Ice Navigator, sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance, sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection system, and sigma S6 WaMoS II Wave and Surface Current system.

Rutter’s sigma S6 version 9.2.0 includes several enhancements, including:
-      Short term leasing of additional capabilities for existing sigma S6 systems
-      Navigational chart overlay support
-      Color radar display providing enhanced visual distinction of potential hazards
-      Enhanced vessel motion compensation
-      Proprietary Adaptive Sensitivity Time Control, improving near-range target detection
-      Enhanced target detection system for better detecting of smaller and fast moving targets
-      Image compression for sigma S6 Connect remote access, reducing bandwidth requirements
-      Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) language graphical user interface support (other languages to follow)
-      Integration of sigma S6 SeaFusion into base sigma S6 systems, reducing the required hardware footprint on-board vessels
-      Closest Point of Approach (CPA) and Time to Closest Point of Approach (TCPA) support
-      Numerous other feature and general maintenance improvements

Rutter Inc.