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January 13, 2014

Stand-Alone Mosaicking Module Introduced

Oceanic Imaging Consultants, Inc. (OIC), of Honolulu, Hawaii, introduced the first Stand-Alone Mosaicking Module (SAMM) for forward-look sonar (FLS). SAMM is a plug-and-play add-on to forward look sonar systems that automatically creates mosaics in real time from FLS data. SAMM’s Data Acquisition Features Include: stand-alone module, seamlessly compatible with an existing FLS system; simultaneous mosaicking and logging of broadcast data; interactive control of track layering, processing and sensor offsets; background display of air photos, satellite imagery, raster and vector charts; and Pan, zoom, target marking and vessel track.


(As published in the November/December 2013 edition of Marine Technology Reporter -

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