Posted by February 27, 2017

AMIRIX's Acquisition of HTI Finalized

An agreement has been reached for AMIRIX Systems, Inc of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to acquire Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc (HTI) of Seattle Wash. The acquisition became official on February 1, 2017.

HTI will operate as a new business unit under the name HTI-Vemco USA, Inc. alongside the VEMCO business unit of AMIRIX to create a comprehensive provider of acoustic products, tools and services for aquatic animal monitoring.
“This is an important move into the future for aquatic research,” said Tracey Steig, General Manager of HTI. “As one, we will be positioned to further advance aquatic technology and expand with the growing needs of our customers.”
“As industry leaders in our respective and closely related market spaces, Vemco and HTI are a natural fit,” said Mark Jollymore, President and CEO of AMIRIX. “We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that combining these two world-class organizations creates. We look forward to further advancing and expanding our products and services into the future.”
HTI and Vemco will continue to operate as separate business units under AMIRIX. HTI and Vemco will collaborate to develop the next generation of products and services for fish research.
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