March 7, 2014

Hydro-Lek to Show Product Range OI 2014

Hydro-Lek will showcase its current range of subsea tooling products from basic hydraulic components, valve packs, power packs, camera booms, cylinders and cutters through to fully-integrated telemetry-controlled manipulator systems at Oceanology International 2014.

Hydro-Lek  said visitors to the stand (M100) will also have the opportunity to discuss HyBIS, Hydro-Lek’s deep sea observation and sampling platform.  HyBIS – a mnemonic for Hydraulic Benthic Interactive Sampler – is a fully modular electro-hydraulic platform designed to operate at depths of down to 6,000m.  The versatility and reliability of HyBIS make it a very cost effective option for companies wishing to explore the deep ocean floor.  Unlike a conventional ROV, HyBIS does not have any floatation but is suspended by its umbilical cable – with the advantage that it can recover or deploy a payload up to its own weight of 750 kg.  It is also designed to operate in conjunction with existing deck-handling and cable systems carried by most research ships and vessels of opportunity.

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