Posted by April 20, 2017

Piezo Kinetics Acquires CTG’s Ceramics Division

Piezo Kinetics Inc., manufacturer of specialty piezoelectric ceramic elements and assemblies, has acquired Channel Technologies Group’s (CTG) Ceramics Division’s assets, including all powder formulations and inventories of finished products. The CTG Santa Barbara, Calif.-based subsidiary manufactures piezoelectric ceramics for the medical, energy, defense and commercial maritime industries. Terms of the cash acquisition were not disclosed.

Piezo Kinetics, a member company of the Crest Group, manufactures piezoelectric ceramics within a broad range of applications for the medical, aerospace, automotive, sonar, ultrasonic welding, cleaning and industrial markets.
“This acquisition will directly expand our overall capabilities and help us meet our customers’ growing needs,” said Brian Kivisto, executive vice president of the Crest Group. “These new assets will enable us to offer new formulations and expand our processing capabilities for ceramics and powder manufacturing, and provide spherical grinding expertise.”
Under the deal, Piezo Kinetics acquires the ability to produce large cylinders up to 5.5-in diameter, plates up to 7-in by 4-in, and hemispheres up to 6-in diameter.
The production assets include a range of equipment for analytical testing and measurement, electroding, powder processing, machining and pressing.
Piezo Kinetics will work to ensure a smooth transition by handling all customer requests and order fulfillment on a timely basis, Kivisto said: “Our focus will remain on delivering the highest levels of quality and service to all customers as we move forward.”
Currently, Piezo Kinetics develops, manufactures and tests standardized piezoelectric ceramic shapes which have numerous applications in durable goods. The acquisition of the CTG Ceramics Division, combined with Piezo Kinetics’ state-of-the-art facility and vertically oriented manufacturing processes, will allow Piezo Kinetics to expand their current flexibility and responsiveness to new and current customers.