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January 29, 2014

Planet Ocean Reports Thermometer Sales Boost

Surrey based Planet Ocean Ltd., announced a significant increase in sales of the Sea-Bird Electronics SBE-56, precision thermometer with over 30 units sold this month alone.

The SBE 56’s pressure-protected thermistor has a 0.5 second time constant, providing excellent accuracy (initial accuracy 0.002 °C) and resolution when fast sampling at 2 Hz (0.5 sec). It has exceptional stability; drift is typically less than 0.002 °C per year. The SBE 56 delivers unprecedented accuracy and stability at a price you would expect to pay for similar recorders that are less accurate.

Terry Sloane, Planet Ocean’s Managing Director commented “The SBE-56, is a prime example of customer pull, design.  The instrument has the perfect mix of battery life, memory size, physical size and price whilst maintaining the famous Sea Bird, quality, accuracy and stability.  We find that even those users who do not need the 0.002°C accuracy, benefit from not needing to recalibrate as often.  If a user needs only 0.01 °C then the instrument should not need calibrating for 5 years!”

Planet Ocean and Sea-Bird will be exhibiting at Oceanology International London in March.

Planet Ocean Ltd.