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October 17, 2016

Sercel Sells 10,000 UNITE Nodes to NIS

Sercel SG-5 single sensor connected to the UNITE node RAUeX (image courtesy of Sercel)

Sercel SG-5 single sensor connected to the UNITE node RAUeX (image courtesy of Sercel)

CGG announced that Sercel has sold 10,000 channels of its high-end UNITE cable-free land seismic acquisition system to NIS, the Serbian oil and gas company in which Gazprom Neft has a majority shareholding.

After having successfully deployed the UNITE system since 2014 in Romania, NIS have now decided to purchase a new complete batch of UNITE for survey projects that they will be conducting over the next several years. In combination with the Sercel SG-5, a high-sensitivity 5-Hz single-sensor geophone, UNITE offers NIS a superior, light, efficient and flexible solution for the most complex environments.
The field-proven UNITE node, RAUeX, is fully autonomous and can start acquiring data immediately, without the need to set up or maintain a complex wireless infrastructure. Its ability to monitor and transmit wirelessly, on demand, all QC parameters as well as field noise levels means that NIS have full control over all their survey operations at all times. 
Miodrag Bukvic, director of NIS Naftagas Oilfield Services, said, “The results from three cable-less surveys we recently conducted with UNITE were very positive. We were able to mobilize less personnel and vehicles and also reduce our exploration costs and HSE risks. In addition, we noticed a significant acceleration in the progress of our operations in populated areas, resulting in the completion of one survey ahead of schedule. With the UNITE and 428XL systems, whether used in combination or alone, we can be efficient and competitive, whatever the survey conditions and configuration.”
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