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June 5, 2018

Video: Prince Charles Addresses Ocean Summit

The Prince talked about the threats and solutions to the ocean plastic crisis during the Cardiff stopover

In a speech at the Volvo Ocean Race Ocean Summit in Cardiff, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, talked about the threat plastic is having on our oceans and how the work of organizations, such as the Volvo Ocean Race, are highlighting this ‘plastic plague’ and the solutions to it.

The Prince of Wales said, “These Ocean Summits that bring together the worlds of sport, industry, government, science and ocean advocates, are a vital part of the collaborative steps that are being taken to tackle the ubiquitous pollution of the ocean with plastic debris as well as the broader threats to the oceans health.

“A global sporting event, with seven teams involved, is in a unique position to offer first-hand evidence of the impact plastic pollution is having on the health of our ocean.

“The boats cross some of the remotest parts of the oceans on earth. Places so far flung that, in one case, they were actually closer to the astronauts on the International Space Station than to any human on our planet.

“This information collected from the seas is critically important for the scientific community.

“Looking at the data collected it is deeply troubling to see how highly pervasive microplastics have become. Samples have even been discovered in what we once would’ve considered to be the pristine environment of Antarctica.”

In Partnership with the UN Environment Clean Seas campaign, the Ocean Summits offer business, government, organizations and ocean advocates a platform to showcase robust, scientifically based content aimed at generating discussion and innovative solutions to the plastic crisis.  

Prince Charles added, “Over the past months we have seen, at last, some decisive action taken by a range of individuals, private companies and governments in response to the growing concern about how a global plastics plague is threatening not only our seas but the wealth of biodiversity they support but also ourselves.”

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