Posted by November 18, 2016

Atlas Elektronik UK Secures Cerberus Diver Detections Sonar Sales

CERBERUS Diver Detection Sonar (Photo: AEUK)

CERBERUS Diver Detection Sonar (Photo: AEUK)

In the past two months Atlas Elektronik UK (AEUK) have secured two contracts with undisclosed Middle and Far Eastern naval customers for the supply of its Cerberus DDS systems.

The first contract is for the follow-on sale of a number of sonars to be utilized in the expansion of a naval harbor protection system and will feature AEUK’s fully integrated multi-sonar software which allows the simultaneous operation of multiple sonars.

The second contract is with a Middle Eastern navy who has chosen Cerberus for its ability to be operated in a very challenging sonar environment, as well as full military qualification for installation on navy vessels. The system was delivered from stock within four weeks to satisfy the customer’s urgent operational requirement (UOR).

Cerberus is the latest generation of AEUK diver detection sonar and is specifically designed to detect and classify open and closed circuit divers, swimmers, swimmer delivery vehicles and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV). The system which is qualified for military use, is provided in a lightweight rapidly and easily deployable package and is capable of being operated from ships or as part of a fixed harbor installation. The system is in service with eight nations.


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